What are Common Types of Highway Accidents?

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The high speeds that are allowed on the highway, along with the multiple lanes it offers, are enough for them to be quite accident-prone. But what makes them more susceptible to collisions is the negligence of drivers that occupy them. Follow along to find out the most common types of highway accidents and how a proficient Toronto auto accident lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can come to your rescue.

What are the most common types of highway accidents?

Highways are shared by standard motor vehicle drivers, truck drivers, and motorcyclists alike; all of whom are capable of reckless driving and therefore colliding with one another. Regardless of which type of automobile is involved, data reports that three types of highway accidents are most likely to occur. They read as follows:

  • A rear-end accident: this occurs if a driver fails to comply with the enforced speed limit, along with leaving an inadequate amount of distance between them and the driver in front of them (i.e., tailgating). This inhibits a driver’s reaction time and may ultimately leave them unable to brake before hitting the other driver’s rear.
  • A merging accident: this occurs if a driver fails to pause before merging onto the highway, along with looking over their shoulder to double-check their blind spots. This inhibits a driver’s ability to time their entrance onto the highway and ultimately leaves them to get sideswiped by oncoming traffic.
  • A rollover accident: this occurs if a driver fails to pay attention to the car parts, roadkill, or other debris cluttering the lanes of a highway. This may ultimately cause a driver to drastically swerve into neighboring lanes and roll their automobile over onto its side or head.

What procedure should I follow after my highway collision?

To reiterate, the highway is a dangerous spot for your auto accident to take place. So, immediately after your collision, you need to safely pull over to the breakdown lane. All the while, you must ensure that you have your hazard lights flashing. Equally important to remember, you must not exit your automobile and risk getting hit by oncoming traffic.

Instead, simply dial 911 from the safety of your automobile and wait for law enforcement officers to come to your location. A police car’s flashing lights may help indicate to oncoming traffic to slow down and proceed with caution. All the while, a law enforcement officer may walk back and forth from your automobile to that of the other driver. This is so they may facilitate the exchanging of contact information and insurance information on your behalf.

So when it comes to your claim, there is no question that a talented Ontario personal injury lawyer is the best fit for you. So please contact Merricks Law Group, P.A. at your earliest possible convenience.

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