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Toronto Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Here in Canada, we are fortunate enough to have access to thousands of excellent doctors who truly care about helping those who need it most. However, there are times where medical professionals are negligent and harm their patients as a result, and if you believe you have been wrongfully harmed by a medical professional, our Toronto medical malpractice lawyer is here to help you fight for the justice you deserve. Continue reading and contact Merricks Law Group to learn more about medical malpractice claims in Ontario and how we can assist you.

Do I Need a Toronto Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Winning a medical malpractice claim is never easy. Medical professionals will frequently hire aggressive legal representation to disprove your claim, as oftentimes, their careers are on the line. This is why you, too, must also hire aggressive legal representation that can prove you were truly harmed as a result of a medical professional’s negligence. Fortunately, you have just found that competent representation right here at Merricks Law Group. Our Ontario personal injury lawyers are here to fight for the compensation you need.

How to Prove Medical Malpractice

Winning a medical malpractice claim requires a lawyer to prove several things. First, our firm must prove that you were, in fact, the medical professional’s patient, and that you, therefore, were owed a duty of care. From here, we must prove that the doctor breached the standard of care by acting in a way that a reasonable doctor would not. We must then prove that the breach of the standard of care directly resulted in the harm you sustained, and that the harm caused you to incur significant damages as a result. The breach of care could either cause serious injury, or, in other cases, the breach of care could cause a medical condition to worsen, resulting in further complications, such as if a doctor failed to detect a cancer that a reasonable doctor would have found.

Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims in Ontario

There is a statute of limitations in place for all personal injury claims in Ontario. In most cases, the statute of limitations is two years, meaning you will have two years from the date of your accident to sue the liable party for compensation. However, this can vary with medical malpractice claims, as sometimes, a doctor’s error will not become apparent until months or years later. This is why with medical malpractice claims, the statute of limitations is two years from the date the doctor’s error either became apparent or should have become apparent.

Contact Our Toronto Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you’ve been harmed at the hands of a negligent medical professional, you cannot afford to wait. Our firm is here to help you recover your rightful compensation today. Contact Merricks Law Group to schedule your initial consultation with our knowledgeable Toronto medical malpractice lawyers.

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