How Can Road Conditions Impact Car Accident Liability?

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There may have been a hazardous road condition that neither you nor another driver could have safely avoided. Ultimately, this may have led to your car accident event. With this, you must educate yourself on the at-fault party who is likely behind the existence of this hazardous road condition. Then, you must rightfully hold them liable in a personal injury claim. Read on to discover how road conditions might impact liability and how a seasoned Toronto car accident lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you properly assess the circumstances surrounding your case.

What are hazardous road conditions that may lead to a car accident?

You may have decided to get behind the wheel when there is nothing less than clear skies and little to no traffic congestion on the Toronto roads. Unfortunately, even still, it may be impossible to predict your encounter with a hazardous road condition that prompts your car accident event. Further, you may have encountered any one of the following conditions:

  • There may have been a lack of safety barriers on a road with sharp, winding turns.
  • There may have been a lack of warning signage for a merging lane on the road ahead.
  • There may have been unavoidable cracked, warped, or crumbling pavement (i.e., potholes) in the lanes.
  • There may have been extremely narrow lanes passing through a construction zone on the road.
  • There may have been large trucks or heavy machinery blocking the lanes passing through a construction zone.

How can hazardous road conditions impact car accident liability?

Say, for instance, that you instinctively swerved out of your designated lane to avoid a major pothole that would have caused a tire blowout. Or, say that another driver failed to break on time when having to unexpectedly merge into your lane. In both these cases, you may be unable to, with good conscience, point blame to yourself or any other driver involved in your car accident. Rather, it may be more appropriate to assign liability to a province’s, county’s, or city’s department of transportation. With this, you must submit a notice of your claim to the at-fault government entity before you file your personal injury claim.

In addition, say that you dramatically slammed the brakes when a large truck, piece of equipment, or worker exited the designated constructed zone and entered your barricaded lane. In this case, it may be that you must hold a construction zone supervisor or a construction company owner for the bodily injuries and car damages that you subsequently incurred. With this, you must collect the contact information of the supervisor or company while you are still at the scene of your accident.

All in all, when dealing with an urgent matter like this one, you must drop everything and call a competent Toronto auto accident lawyer. Our team at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you pick up the pieces.

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