Can I File a Mass Tort Lawsuit for PFAS Exposure Cancer?

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large, complex group of synthetic chemicals. Understandably so, it may be tough to conceptualize these chemicals. However, the important thing you must know about them is that they have been used in an alarming amount of consumer products since the 1950s. The reason why this is so alarming is because it has been reported that exposure to PFAS can, unfortunately, lead to serious health issues. Continue reading to learn how you might have been exposed to PFAS and how an experienced Toronto class action & mass tort lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you determine your eligibility to sue.

Under what circumstances might I have been exposed to PFAS?

Sadly, you may be more at risk of PFAS exposure than you initially estimated. This is because you may have encountered these chemicals in any of the following consumer products:

  • You may have drank water contaminated with PFAS (i.e., tap water, bottled water, etc).
  • You may have eaten processed food contaminated with PFAS (i.e., meat, butter, chips, candy, etc).
  • You may have eaten food held in packaging contaminated with PFAS (i.e., pizza boxes, French fry wrappers, etc).
  • You may have a job where you breathe in air contaminated with PFAS (i.e., firefighting, manufacturing, oilfield drilling, etc).
  • You may have eaten fish from water contaminated with PFAS (i.e., smallmouth bass).
  • You may have food grown in soil contaminated with PFAS (i.e., vegetables).

Can I file a mass tort lawsuit if I am diagnosed with cancer due to PFAS exposure?

Studies have shown that considerable PFAS exposure may lead to health problems such as high cholesterol, liver enzyme changes, and even high blood pressure in pregnant women, among other concerns. But worst of all, these studies have also reported cases of kidney and testicular cancer.

Ultimately, if this applies to you in any way, you may strongly consider pursuing a mass tort lawsuit. With this, you and many other parties may sue the same entity for failing to take action to remove or destroy PFAS from their specific consumer products.

Of note, your mass tort lawsuit may differ from your filing a class action lawsuit in that you hold an individual claim with distinct damages. In other words, you may recover the specific economic and non-economic damages you incurred directly from your involvement in a unique incident with PFAS exposure. This may mean that you hold more autonomy in if and how your case is settled.

We can easily argue that your best next move is to call a skilled Ontario personal injury lawyer. We urge you to do so before your statute of limitations rapidly approaches (i.e., two years from the date you become aware of your cancer or aliment from PFAS exposure). The time is now. Contact us today.

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