What Is the Role of Alcohol, Drugs in Motorcycle Accidents?

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You may be well aware of the dangers of getting behind the wheel of a standard motor vehicle after partaking in drugs or consuming alcohol. But it is arguably worse to operate a motorcycle while intoxicated. Meaning that the aftermath may be on another level of catastrophic. Continue reading to learn the role alcohol or drugs might play in a motorcycle accident and how an experienced Toronto drunk driving lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help if these are relevant circumstances to your case.

Why are motorcycles considered to be dangerous?

Even if a motorcyclist is stone-cold sober while operating a motorcycle, they may be more susceptible to dangers than a standard motor vehicle driver. For one, this may be because motorcycles are not afforded the same protective shell as an enclosed standard motor vehicle. In addition, motorcycles lack the safety features provided by a standard motor vehicle, such as seatbelts and airbags.

So, upon the impact of an auto collision, motorcyclists may be left with more catastrophic injuries. Namely, they may get road rash, broken or fractured bones, head, neck, and spine injuries, lung lacerations and fractured ribs, etc.

What role might alcohol or drugs play in a motorcycle accident?

Because of the inherent dangers of a motorcycle, motorcyclists owe their undivided attention when behind the handlebars. This means that they should not take a sip of alcohol or partake in any recreational drugs in the hours beforehand.

Firstly, alcohol and drugs may play a role in a motorcycle accident because they impair your coordination and balance. That is, they disrupt your brain’s ability to control your fine motor skills, including your ability to maneuver a motorcycle and maintain your stability while on it.

Secondly, alcohol and drugs may reduce your judgment and decision-making. Again, this has to do with disrupting your brain’s way of processing information. So, you may be more inclined to take risky maneuvers or otherwise violate traffic rules and regulations.

Thirdly, alcohol and drugs may decrease your vision and awareness. That is, your peripheral vision may become obsolete and your overall vision may become blurred. So, you may struggle more with identifying potential dangers on the road ahead and reacting to them promptly.

Therefore, if you were made the victim of an auto collision involving a motorcyclist, you may want to ask the responding law enforcement officer to conduct a breathalyzer test or field sobriety tests. You may then want to take the results of these tests and use them in your auto accident claim against the negligent motorcyclist.

When in doubt, someone at Merricks Law Group, P.A. will look into your case. So please retain the legal services of a skilled Toronto auto accident lawyer today.

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