What Are Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners?

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Trick-or-treating is a staple activity for Halloween. It is important to ensure that children remain safe while participating in this. So, as a homeowner, you must take the proper steps toward keeping your property clear of any potential hazards. Otherwise, you may have a premises liability claim coming your way. Read on to discover what safety tips you should follow this Halloween and how a seasoned Toronto slip and fall lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A., can offer you advice.

What Halloween safety tips should I follow as a homeowner?

If you are a homeowner who is expecting trick-or-treaters this Halloween, below is a comprehensive list of safety tips you should follow:

  • Ensure that your property has adequate lighting: that is, you should replace burned-out bulbs in your exterior lights. As an extra step to prevent any trick-or-treaters from tripping on your front yard, walkway, or stairs, you may install additional exterior lights where necessary. And if you predict that you will not be home for trick-or-treaters, then turn off your interior and exterior lights to discourage children from approaching your property.
  • Ensure that your walkways are clear: that is, clean your front yard, walkway, and stairs from any clutter that may cause a trick-or-treater to trip over. In addition, your decorations should be positioned a safe distance away from your walkways.
  • Ensure that your jack-o-lanterns are a safe distance away: that is, you should keep your jack-o-lanterns far away from your walkway if you plan to use candles. As an extra step to avoid this fire hazard, you may use a battery-powered light source or light sticks instead.
  • Ensure that your pets remain inside: that is, pets are easily spooked on Halloween. As an extra step to prevent them from running into traffic or biting a trick-or-treater, it is best if you keep them in a kennel inside your home.

What should I do if my child gets injured while trick-or-treating?

If your child suffered injuries while trick-or-treating due to the negligence of a homeowner, then you may have a potential premises liability claim. And if you choose to follow through with a lawsuit, you will need to collect the following pieces of evidence against the homeowner:

  • The police report that was conducted at the scene of the accident.
  • Photos and videos of your child’s injuries, damages, and the hazards that contributed to their accident.
  • The contact information of the homeowner and any present witnesses.
  • Medical documentation that states the origin and seriousness of your child’s injuries.

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