Can I Sue My Landlord for an Apartment Accident Injury?

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You should not have to feel like you are in danger when you are in your own apartment. This is why it is unacceptable if you receive an injury due to no fault of your own. Follow along to find out whether you can sue your landlord for your apartment accident injury and how a proficient Toronto slip and fall lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A., can explain your legal rights.

What are the common causes of apartment accident injuries?

Put simply, you may have been injured on your property due to the negligence of your landlord. This is because landlords hold the responsibility of ensuring that their property is clear of any potential safety hazards. So when they do not fix these potential safety hazards in a timely manner, an accident may be the result. Below are common examples of how landlord negligence can lead to apartment accident injuries:

  • Your landlord failed to fix hazardous sidewalks on your apartment’s property.
  • Your landlord failed to fix hazardous stairways in your apartment or apartment complex.
  • Your landlord failed to fix inadequately lit parking lots on your apartment’s property.
  • Your landlord failed to clear snow, ice, or other weather-related hazards from your apartment’s sidewalks, parking lots, and stairways.
  • Your landlord failed to install smoke alarms in your apartment.
  • Your landlord failed to install carbon monoxide detectors in your apartment.

How do I sue my landlord for my apartment accident injury?

Before you file a lawsuit against your landlord for your apartment accident injury, you should send them a demand letter. In this letter, you should explain your accident, and your subsequent injuries and damages, and request that they remedy it via financial compensation. If your landlord does not act, then you can take your case to court.

And for your personal injury claim, you must collect a sufficient amount of evidence that points to your landlord’s negligence. Examples of such evidence include the following:

  • The police report that was documented at the scene.
  • The photos and videos you took of the scene and its hazards, your injuries, and your damages.
  • Any witness testimonies that you were able to collect.
  • Your medical documents that state the date, time, and seriousness of your injuries.
  • Your medical bills that state the cost of your required treatments, medications, overnight stay at the hospital, etc.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Like any other type of personal injury claim, an apartment accident claim has a statute of limitations of two years. This means that you have generally two years from the date of your accident to pursue legal action against your negligent landlord. Otherwise, you will be permanently barred from suing. So, as soon as you get the chance, consult with a talented Ontario personal injury lawyer.

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